Philodendron red 2ft height 181826
31 March, 2020
Anthurium andreanum w white flower 15cmD pot 181832
8 April, 2020
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Aglaonema legacy 181831


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Bright shade. Lightly water when soil is dry.

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Open Pot- Specially Mixed Composite Soil (5th Generation)-Large 1000ml 140349

Enhanced fungus and mold resistance, leave colouration found in our 3rd generation soil, improvements in this generation include better water distribution, higher retention rate in fertilizer & water and higher resistance to soil compaction.

The 5th generation soil mix can now be ordered specifically to each of your pot configurations and this soil is for open pots use with better water retention and suitable for warm weather.
This latest version of soil mix comes with organic nutrients boosting your plant's rooting system.

Medium saucer 12cm 918 130248

Inner diameter is ~10cm

M Self watering round 15cmHx13cmD 131551

Fertilizer for flowering plants 200ml 201657

M white plastic pot w saucer 14cmDx12cmH 131576

Porcelain White saucer 2.5cmHx18cmD 131901

Made from porcelain.

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Bright shade. Lightly water when soil is dry. DT

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