WS LL Bowl, 12.5cmHx 18cmD Workshop 191104 – FittoniaMania


WS L 20cm round pot with glass lid 20cmHx20cmD Workshop 191101
12 October, 2018
WS S bowl 8.5cmDx10cmH Workshop 191106
12 October, 2018
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WS LL Bowl, 12.5cmHx 18cmD Workshop 191104


We encourage creativity. Create your very own terrarium!

The image here is for reference only.

Workshop price is inclusive of training by our experienced green ambassador. Materials are inclusive of pot, selective plants, soil, pebbles, colourful gravel and charcoal if required. Figurines and ornaments can be purchased separately. Other materials, for example, moss, rocks can be added and charged separately.

Approach our green ambassador at any of our outlets or message us on our FB page if you need further assistance.

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