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Begonia “Tiger paws” 181983
23 May, 2020
Fittonia Juanita. Nerve plant 181984
23 May, 2020
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Flamingo valley 251597


Indoor. No direct sunlight. Water spray every 2-3 days. More watering on moss.
Dimension: 12cm Slanted Mouth Globe 12cmHx12cmD

Additional figurines and decorations can be added on by visiting the below links and select your choices:
Trees and bushes

If require gift card, please write your message on the Order Note during checkout.
If customisation is require, please chat with us on FB or email info@fittoniamania.com for further discussion.

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Water spray bottle 760ml

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Watering bottle-250ml 120581

6 dot Mini mushroom (mix color) -1cm(H) x 1.2cm(D), 1 set of 3. 110140

Approx. Height- 1cm Diameter- 1.2cm
Come with a pin/stand at the bottom of each mushroom.
$1 for 3 mushrooms. Select 1 quantity below means 1 set.
Mix colours. Please indicate in Order Note box during checkout if require specific colours. 🍄

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Chicken. Little chick 101052

3cm Tree Trunk

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