Haworthia limifolia variegata. Fairy washboard. 182202 – FittoniaMania


Flower procelain pot 6cmHx6.5cmD-birch 132199
16 August, 2020
Trachelospermum jasminoides “Flame” 8cmD pot 182203
18 August, 2020
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Haworthia limifolia variegata. Fairy washboard. 182202


Plant is seasonal, please chat with us on FB or email info@fittoniamania.com for availability before placing order.

Morning sun. Well ventilated spot. Water once per week.

Note: Plants change shapes and colours over time, and they therefore may not look exactly the same as their corresponding images. Please chat with us on FB if you wish to see the plant’s latest condition. We look after each plant as if it’s our own baby, special attention and care are given to each of them to ensure they are healthy.
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