Echeveria afterglow 661993
1 June, 2020
Money plant / Philodendron variegated 90cmH 182217
3 June, 2020
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Sansevieria extra large, snake plant 70cmH 182216


Plant is seasonal, please chat with us on FB or email for availability before placing order.
Direct sun or shade. Water when soil is dry. Height is estimated and may varies between 5cm – 10cm.
Rated as one of the top ten house plants in NASA’s clean air study (, page 17), together with it’s ultra low maintenance nature, the snake plant is an ideal houseplant for homes.

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Medium saucer 13cm white 131772

Inner diameter 10.5cm. Outer diameter 13cm.

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Medium saucer 12cm 918 130248

Inner diameter is ~10cm

L Basket planter. Brown 68cmHx37cmD, basket 26cmD 261863

Handmade. Made of willow woven. Plant not included.
Snake plant can be purchased separately by adding on option as below.

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Direct sun or shade. Water when soil is dry. D

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