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24 May, 2017
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Wonderful Peranakan Art

T’was by chance a customer showed me her Peranakan shoes that I came to the realization that there are so many hidden arts in Singapore.

Here are some of the finished products all made by her (to bad she declined to be named here).

Refreshing light blue background with butterflies dotting the right places.


Another with blue background but this time filled with colourful flowers.


Delightful checkered pattern with wavy rims.


An old design but probably one of the most difficult to make.


Complex design with matching leather colour.

The shoes are locally made where some of them are more than ten years old yet the leather show no signs of cracks or fatigue. On that note, it amazes us that there are some very good cobblers out there!

The customer also brought some finely made necklaces and bracelets for viewing which we thought are worthwhile sharing with the public.


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