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Meet the plant people

Here's a short Introduction of who the faces behind FittoniaMania are.

Elise Tang

Founder and Partner

Some would think to be creative one has to be wonky and out of the grid. Elise proves that you can be professionally successful in the finance industry and yet immensely creative. Our production is slow because Elise lovingly make all the potted plants and terrariums we sell making every piece a unique piece of art. Elise is addicted to "rescue"dying plants and feel highly satisfaction when successful rescuing them.

Yee Karn

Co-Founder and Partner

YK is your typical nerd: he loves the computer and photography. Apart from playing his favourite computer games, he would administer the company website and shoot product photos. He loves to teach too so join his workshops at the next opportunity and be mesmerized by his content rich and witty teaching style.