1How to place an order?
You can select our products from the shop tab, click the product image for more details. On the product page, click "Add to basket". The item would be added to the cart. Then, click on the cart icon on the top right and proceed to checkout. Alternatively, you also can chat with us on Facebook or write to us at info@fittoniamania.com to order your items especially if you want customizations.
2How to make payment and what are the available modes?
You can make payment via Direct Bank Transfer, Paypal or credit card through Stripe payment gateway. Click on the basket and Proceed to checkout. Fill in your billing, shipping details and select a delivery option. Then proceed to select your preferred payment mode. Follow further onsite instructions to guide you through with the payment once you click the Place Order button.
3Have questions on products or wish to customize your order?
Write to us at info@fittoniamania.com if there's something you like but wish to customize it. Alternatively, you can chat with us on Facebook.
4How much potting medium should I buy?
The type of potting container determines how much soil you will need. A). Soil mix: Large packet, approx. 300ml, packet size 20.5cm x 13cm - suitable for medium pots with diameter and height of up to 12cm & 18cm. B). If you are using gravel / pebbles as bottom gravel: 1). Medium packet: approx. 400ml, packet size 14cm x 9cm - suitable for pots with a diameter of approximately 13cm measuring from the bottom of the inner wall.

Local pick & delivery service

1Do you provide free local pick up?
We provide free local pick up from physical stores. After placing an order online, please select your pick up date and stores location during checkout.
2Do you provide delivery sevice?
We provide delivery service at $10-$12 per trip. If the purchase is more than $80, delivery fee is free.
3When will you deliver my order?
Our delivery schedule is every Tuesday & Friday. If you have specific date to deliver an order, for example a birthday gift. Please write the date on the "Order Note" during checkout and we will deliver according to your requested date. You also can chat with us on Facebook for any question that you have.

Plants and such

1Where are the plants from?
We nurse and propagate most of our plants because the environment we create for them closely mimic places that they eventually find home to: homes, offices. Together with custom mixed soil, the plants have much higher livability and resilience. We also offer plants from local suppliers and import rare ones from overseas. We probably have the biggest selection of rare succulents and welcome retailers to buy bulk from us at wholesale prices.
2What's in your soil?
We only sell soil mixed by ourselves and we constantly offer new and improved versions for better results. We strive to use all natural materials for our soil mix. Different plant types and even pots requires different mixing proportions. We will be able to mix the optimal soil for you if you can tell us which plant and pot you will be using when you order from us.

Figurines and accessories

1Where are the figurines from?
They come direct from a trusted supplier in mainland China and customization is available. Have a great design and want it made? Talk to us and we make it happen!

Terrrarium Workshop

1What kind of terrarium workshop do you provide?
We provide enclosed or open type terrarium workshop. Please refer to the Shop>Terrarium section for some examples. We also customize training based on your needs, write to us at info@fittoniamania.com to more information. For starters, we recommend a small pot that is also easy to maintain, our mushroom pot. For experienced individuals and adults, we recommend larger open type pots.
2Where is the venue or should we provide our own venue
We encourage customers to provide the venue to save cost, however we also can source for a training center based on your requirement. Our common training center is at Serangoon NEX
3How long is the duration of the training?
It depends on what kind of terrarium pots and configurations that range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.
4How much does it cost for a terrarium workshop?
The cost will be quoted based on the types of pots and materials, venues and if food is included. Please write to us info@fittoniamania.com and we can advise you accordingly. We can advise you based on our experience if you aren't decided or unsure how to proceed.
5Who conducts the workshop
Both Elise and Yee Karn have vast experience in providing training for children from 5 years old and above, primary schools, secondary schools, corporate events, teachers, couples and etc. You also can refer to our Events page on some pictures of our past sessions or events.
6Does the workshop include accessories or figurines?
Please write to us at info@fittoniamania.com and we can quote you accordingly.
7How early do we need to confirm a terrarium workshop?
Typically, we need 2 weeks in advance to prepare the materials. However, it is best that to contact us as early as possible to secure the training slot and preferably 3 weeks in advance if your numbers exceeds 20.
8Can I order kits (pot and materials) only?
Sure you can. You can either order the DIY kits from our website or write to us at info@fittoniamania.com for bulk purchase or special order.

Succulents and Cacti

1What are succulents?
Succulents are plants that are capable of storing water in their leaves and/or stems with thick skins to prevent water loss. This means then, that they are drought tolerant and many do not need frequent watering.
2Aren't succulents and cacti the same?
All cacti are succulents, the differences are that they have thicker skins and store more water. They all belong to the Cactacea family. They are found only in North- & South- Americas and Mexico. Succulents, on the other hand, are found all over the world (even in our part of the globe) with such huge diversity that they come in many forms, colours and needs. Thus, while they share traits such as storing of water and thick stems, not all succulents are cacti.
3Why are succulents are cacti die so easily?
Most of the succulents available in local market are originated in deserts, semi-deserts or arid environment which means that they will not tolerate high humidity and moisture. It is therefore extremely important to watch your watering habit. For more advice, visit our store for more precise guide on each species.
4Why are the leaves turning yellow/black?
Oh no, that isn't good. When the leaves turn yellowish and translucent, it almost certainly means that there's water issue. It's either the soil is damp or the plant has been exposed to high humidity. Either move the plant to a place with better air circulation or stop watering until the condition improves. If most of the leaves turn translucent and soft, it is highly likely the roots are rotted too. Sadly, that means throwing away the plant. If there are black spots on the leaves and/or stems, this is also an indication of high humidity causing fungus growth. Move the plant to an airier spot or improve air circulation. However, if the entire plant turns black, discard it ASAP.