Terrarium Workshop
Ever wonder why your plants die so quickly? Come learn the secrets of successful potting. Various pots, gravel, pebbles and figurines to choose from to make every pot you make a unique creation!



For Individual, couple or a small group not more than 4 persons.

No appointment require, just approach our friendly Green Ambassadors during operating hours at our stores. https://fittoniamania.com/contact-us/

Custom make your own terrarium from wide range of pots to create unique terrarium. 

‎‎→ Do not know how to start? You can browse though our stores or website https://fittoniamania.com/product-category/terrarium-potted-plant/ for some ready made terrarium, choose the theme or pot size that you preferred. Or approach our Green Ambassadors for more enquiries.




For corporate, school, events or a groups more than 4 persons

Our store at Thomson Plaza can cater up to 10-15 persons. We also conduct workshop at your premises. Please write to us at info@fittoniamania.com for more information.