Crazy about Fittonia


Pebble gravel stones

Plant gifts

Give someone a little surprise!

We supply bulk plants as gifts; succulents or small indoor plants. Gift with carrier bag option is available.

Bulk purchase is available.

Please chat with us on FB or email for bulk purchase.


Succulent with white carrier bag

Box size 7cm x 7cm x 7cm
Gift box succulent

Succulent carrier bag

Box size 7cm x 7cm x 7cm
Gift box

Carrier for 8cm pot plant also available

Box size 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Terrarium material supplies.

We supply terrarium material to schools, corporate or private function. We have a wide range of Fittonia plants, gravel, pebble, soil, moss and figurines. We are registered at Vendors@Gov and is able to e-invoice to school.

Please chat with us on FB or email for bulk purchase.

7 July, 2020

Country Hill

Country hill was crafted 1 year ago and it thriving with the prefect combination of plants, soil, light and right watering regime. If you are looking […]
12 February, 2021

You can order online smoothly now!

Thank you for your patient! We have solved the user account log in issues, You can now order online smoothly without having issues. Please contact us […]
23 August, 2020

Workshop. Walk-in anytime. No minimum pax

For Individual, couple or a small group not more than 4 persons. √ No appointment require, just approach our friendly Green Ambassadors during operating hours at […]
2 August, 2020

Self watering pot

Gladys and Mr Foo visited our Thomson Shop to report their Aglaonema. For the past 1 year, it has been growing very well in a self […]
29 June, 2020

Free local pick up

Order online. Free local pick up is available at our stores. We also provide delivery service. Please refer to the FAQ for more details on delivery […]
26 June, 2020

A common toilet

No need to spend thousands of dollars on revamping a common toilet. Just hang a few pots of plants to make it vibrant and it looks […]
16 June, 2020

Jewel jewel…..

We have new jewel orchid arrived!
13 June, 2020

Lithops. New arrivals!

We have a few range of lithops. More selection on the below link:
12 June, 2020

Premium succulent new arrival!

More available at this link:多肉/
12 June, 2020

Stay here a while, while browsing the CDs

These CDs are our collections for the past 20 years. You can find jazz, pop, rock, classical music.
12 June, 2020

Waking up Calathea setosa

Calathea plants leaves are tend to reacting to light intensity. At night, the leaves would turn upwards. Day time the leaves would be opened up and […]
12 June, 2020

Fittonia Mania

Crazy with fittonia?
12 June, 2020

Little trolley with plants

12 June, 2020

Our relax corner at Thomson Plaza

Let’s read some gardening book accompanying by plants. We have Clusia rosea in porcelain pots and Osaka fern.
11 May, 2020

New Ficus microcarpa bonsai

Our new batch of Ficus microcarpa has arrived! The leaves are super green and are ready for shaping!
25 April, 2020

Place your order without login

We are looking into the issue with repeated customers having login issues whereby they are either thrown back to the homepage or receiving an error. Meanwhile […]