Open Pot- Specially Mixed Composite Soil (5th Generation)-Large 1000ml 140349
15 May, 2019
Open Pot- Specially Mixed Composite Soil (5th Generation)-Medium 300ml 140348
15 May, 2019
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Open Pot- Specially Mixed Composite Soil (5th Generation)-Bulk 2 3000ml 140351


Enhanced fungus and mold resistance, leave colouration found in our 3rd generation soil, improvements in this generation include better water distribution, higher retention rate in fertilizer & water and higher resistance to soil compaction.

The 5th generation soil mix can now be ordered specifically to each of your pot configurations and this soil is for open pots use with better water retention and suitable for warm weather.
This latest version of soil mix comes with organic nutrients boosting your plant’s rooting system.

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Often times, hobbyist and terrarium sellers ignore the importance of the right soil mix for each plant type and it’s potting environment.

The end results often include poor plant growth leading to inexplicable plant death, unwanted fungus growth and frequent soil change needed due to poor nutrient and compaction.

We value our plants and are therefore very concern with bringing them the right foundation in which they live in. So we constantly refine our soil mix to address common issues and it is now in the 4th generation.

Medium : approx. 300ml, package size 14cm x 9cm
Large : approx. 1000ml, package size 20.5cm x 13cm
Bulk 2 : approx 3000ml

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