M Self watering square 12.5cmDx12.5cmH 131192
16 December, 2018
20cm Slanted Mouth Globe 20cmHx20cmD 131211
25 December, 2018
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L Self watering square 17.5cmDx17.5cmH 131193


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Seedling Soil 800ml 141777

High porosity and neutral, this soil mix is the perfect medium for planting seeds, allowing them to sprout and root quickly.

Expanded clay or leca-large 800ml / 260g 141343

Can be use in self watering pot or mix with soil.

Shovel spoon

This shovel spoon has a deep trough that allows different potting medium (soil, charcoal, fine gravel or sand) to be transferred with high precision and at the same time the curve edges not only prevents spillage but it's also plant friendly.

Made of plastic and is very durable. Wash with soapy water using sponge to clean off dirt after use.

Approximately 15cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)

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Green net 10cmx10cm 121621

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