White Fine Gravel, 4-5mm Large 800ml 140294
20 May, 2019
Mixed colour Fine Gravel 2-3mm Medium 300ml 140290
20 May, 2019
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White Fine Gravel, 4-5mm EX Small 40ml 140848


This small little white pebble can be a good decoration on top of the soil. You can create a white sheet for your pot with some natural color stone, example a snow theme. It also can create an artificial road path in front of a house, besides lake, leading to a small valley or around the plants.
Extra small : approx. 40ml, package size 7cm x 6cm
Medium : approx. 300ml, package size 14cm x 9cm
Large : approx. 1000ml, package size 20.5cm x 13cm

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