14 October, 2018

FittoniaMania’s Very Own Glass Pot!

Finally, we have our very own glass pot! It was a long road from conceptual design to actually make one uniquely designed glass pot. Vast experience […]
28 September, 2018

Introducing Graptoveria ‘Tibutans’

18 September, 2018

Latest Premium Succulents Arrived

After a long hiatus with over 90% of the crop destroyed by typhoons in July and August, the new stocks have finally arrived! They are smaller […]
23 August, 2018

Meet luella

They don’t look like much but these Echeveria luellas have smaller and almost translucent leaves giving them a more delicate look. The hot weather and constant […]
15 June, 2018

Premium Succulents Flash Sale This Father’s Day

This father’s day we are giving 20% off on all premium succulents including new arrivals! Valid for two days only (16th & 17th June) so hurry […]
9 May, 2018

This Mother’s Day…