February 2020

28 February, 2020

Introducing Caladium forest

This lovely plant doesn’t look anything special on first glance, especially when the leaves are covered by dust and pesticides. On closer inspection, though, reveals colourful […]
25 February, 2020

Mystery Plant unveiled!

Admittedly, this plant doesn’t flower often. In fact, it flowers only when it feels it is going to die. That explains why no one has managed […]
21 February, 2020

Guess the Mystery Flower and Win a Plant

Be the first to correctly guess what plant these flowers belong to in the comment section (on FB page) and win an air purifying plant! *Applies […]
8 February, 2020

New plants and even more natural air purifiers

Apart from these two lovely plants we have many more interesting plants available at nex and Thomson Plaza store. Time to bring in mall natural air […]
1 February, 2020

Blooming plants And Why Plants Are Your Best Friends Fighting Viruses

It’s the start of a new year and the plants can’t wait to blossom one after another. The Corona Virus has prompted people to mass purchase […]