Introducing Our Very Own Fertilizers

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16 October, 2019
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Introducing Our Very Own Fertilizers

From the get go we are introducing 5 fertilizers for different plants and applications. Carefully mixed and tested to deliver the best results with easy to measure dosage, you will find them very simple to use with pleasing outcomes.

As we strife to constantly and consistently improve our fertilizers, we seek your active input to optimize the mix. Write to for suggestions and test results.

Fertilizer for Flowering Plants:

Promotes flowering and boosting the flower colours. This fertilizer mix not only bumps the phosphorous value but with added micronutrients and minerals to ensure a healthy plant.

Fertilizer for General Use:

Plants need ‘tonic’ just like human to improve the core and building a strong foundation for growth. The general fertilizer gives exactly what the most plants need. Where humans show their health through ‘glowing’ skin and strong bones, healthy plants grow thick shiny leaves, long and strong roots. This is the sort of leaves you shall get using this fertilizer.

Fertilizer for Succulents:

The direct result from using the succulent fertilizer is leaves growth within days of application. Can be used more frequently during first potting or re-potting to induce faster root growth.

Fertilizer for Orchids and Bulbs:

Applicable not only on soil but the orchid fertilizer is recommended to be applied directly on leaves and flowers to increase the number of flower buds but also to prolong flower life. Also works very well on bulbs such as Fragrant Lilies & Narcissus, Air Plants and Dischidia Plants.

Fertilizer for Self-Watering Systems:

Serves not only as a direct replacement for vital nutrients found in soil but also as a ‘tonic’ boost for plants potted in self-watering systems. The fertilizer for self-watering systems is very powerful yet gentle to the plants with fast results.

Now comes with a free 2ml pipette (promotion ends 31st December) for every bottle of fertilizer purchased to help you with accurate measurement during application!


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