New Porcelain Pots In Limited Quantity

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12 March, 2017
Succulents And Cactus In New Porcelain Pot
6 April, 2017
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New Porcelain Pots In Limited Quantity

Hi quality porcelain pots in limited quantity available.

Just in! These high quality pots are ideal for your house plants such as fittonia, cacti and succulents.

These hand made pots are available in ultra small quantity only, some are less than 3 pieces and are available exclusively at nex Mall.

Re-potting service is available at $10 for workmanship and additional material costs (soil, figurines, decorative items, etc) applies. Free workmanship fee if you re-potting two and above plants in one receipt.

Also available in limited stock:

Special pots designed to accommodate two to three cactus and succulents.

These pots are elongated and are shaped such that two to three cactus and succulents can be planted together in one pot. A great addition to your office desk and kitchen table!


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