The Perfect Pot For Your Favourite Cactus & Succulents

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20 April, 2017
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The Perfect Pot For Your Favourite Cactus & Succulents

First to launch this pot in Singapore, we love the results and our customers who tried it swear by it. So what is so special about these pots that make cactus and succulent love them and thrive?

Yixing clay, or more commonly known as ZiSha, is a very popular material for teapots which the Chinese have been using for more than a thousand years.

Where the teapots add complexity to the fragrances, these special pots at our nex store are designed specifically for cactus and succulent to provide extra breathing space due to their porous nature. They also provide additional nutrients from the minerals that exist in the clay.

We have yet to try this iron rich pot on other plants and we welcome you to run your own experiments and let us know the results.

With very limited stocks (two of each design) available, these exquisitely handmade pots not only aid your plants to grow well, they are also great ornaments.

Come find us at nex Mall to view some of the potted samples (, click L4 for FittoniaMania).



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