April 2017

30 April, 2017

The Perfect Pot For Your Favourite Cactus & Succulents

First to launch this pot in Singapore, we love the results and our customers who tried it swear by it. So what is so special about […]
20 April, 2017

More blooming Portulacas

It seems our Portulacas like their spots at our nex Mall kiosk: they keep blooming! Here’s the other pot that also blooms:
16 April, 2017

101 Reasons to DIY Terrarium

The sky is the limit when finding reasons to make a special plant pot of your own and the young couple has certainly found a unique […]
14 April, 2017

Flowering Portulaca

Two flowers (back facing each other) grew from this lovely plant today and we thought we should share the joy with our visitors. See them in […]
6 April, 2017

Succulents And Cactus In New Porcelain Pot

Using one of our limited edition pots which is large enough to keep several cactus and succulents. In this case, we used six plants in total […]
3 April, 2017

New Porcelain Pots In Limited Quantity

Just in! These high quality pots are ideal for your house plants such as fittonia, cacti and succulents. These hand made pots are available in ultra […]